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A selection of brilliant topics for your essay about nutrition

Writing an essay on nutrition is fun as you pick up a few tips while researching for the essay. Nutrition is an upcoming area of study and so much progress is happening in this field. When attempting an essay on nutrition, students are never at a dearth of matter. Matter for a nutrition report essay is easily available on the Internet. One doesn't even require consulting books, unless the essay requires them to be scholarly. The dilemma students face in this area is finalizing a topic. Because there are so many options, the decision making gets complicated. Further students aren't sure which topic would be appropriate and fetch more grades. The topic should preferable be recent and provide interesting information to the reader. Here we have compiled some brilliant topics to choose for your essay on nutrition.

  1. Lots of people consume supplements instead of nutrition rich food. Do supplements make up for the nutrition lack in the body? What are the effects of supplement consumption?
  2. There is a huge craze for organic foods these days, but is organic food really healthier? How is organic food different from the normal farm produce that we find in markets?
  3. What are some of the most common food allergies that people suffer from? What are the causes of such allergies and can proper nutrition help prevent such allergies?
  4. Malnutrition is a very common phenomenon even in prosperous families. What is the root cause of malnutrition? Why has it become so rampant? What are the practical solutions to malnutrition?
  5. Analyze upon the growing condition of obesity among young children. Suggest measures that should be taken in order to prevent the children from getting obese.
  6. Almost every individual has the notion that dieting or not consuming food will lead to weight loss. Consider the legitimacy of the assumption and comment if this practice is healthy for the human body in the long term.
  7. Are we supposed to eat when we are hungry? Give reasons for or against the statement. If not, then what should be our ideal eating habits, elucidate upon it. Is this eating habit the cause of obesity in people?
  8. People all over the world are consuming coffee like air. Give your views about this caffeine addiction and its health connotations. Suggest alternatives that could wean people out of this massive caffeine addiction.
  9. The weight loss industry has whipped up a medley of dieting types and categorized food in many compartments. Show if their methods are scientifically healthy. Do these weight loss formulas have any adverse effect on health? Support your arguments with examples.
  10. A person with a history of history of alcohol abuse is advised to eat a certain kind of diet. Write about the diet that such a person should consume through the day. Does it really benefit them?

Nutrition essay topics are available in plenty if you search the Internet. However not all topics are fit for academic writing. It is advisable that you look through several topics before deciding on any one.

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