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How to Create an Intro for an Essay on Crime and Punishment

Having a good intro is also vital because it gives the reader a first impression of what you intend to talk about, so make it engaging and attention grabbing! In other words, an essay on crime and punishment is less than perfect if it is missing a perfect intro.

Strategies for creating an effective intro

Here are a few ways to pull off an interesting and engaging intro for your crime and punishment essay:

  1. Sharing information: Interesting statistics or facts about the topic in the introduction, can be a great way to capture the attention of a reader. Of course, such statements need to be backed by evidence and a clear citation. This gives the reader a premise and establishes content for understanding the rest of the essay.
  2. A narrative or anecdote: A short story that elaborates on your topic of choice is another tactic that can set you apart, in the case of crime and punishment essay topics. Make sure to keep your narrative or anecdote brief and frame it in a way that adds relevance to your essay.
  3. Provide a quote: You can give some background about an expert on the essay topic and share one of their more popular quotes. Keeping your audience in mind is a must when using this approach in the intro. If the expert is not known by your professor or teacher, it will be less impactful.
  4. Briefly summarize: If you intend to have a thesis statement in your crime and punishment essay, it is wise to give a short overview in the introduction itself. Present a concise version of the main argument you will discuss in detail later on. If the essay is long, as many academic essays tend to be, a summary in the intro gives the reader a road map on your writing structure.

Ultimately, there is no right method one can follow for a great introductory paragraph. However, having a broad idea of the elements that need to be included, can be a good start. Click to read some helpful guidance on creating an intro for an essay on crime and punishment.

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